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Telsa's Model S

Inside a Tesla

The model S is a modern marvel that has the look and feel of something out of this world. The sleek contours of the car and the fact it makes no noise what so ever make it a unique driving experience. The power of the performance model is an engineering accomplishment in its own right let alone the battery charge capacity that can go as far as 260 miles on one charge. Now I am sure that will depend on many factors just as gas mileage is figured, depending on acceleration and what accessories are running like the a/c and navigation. But as I see charging stations popping up in movie theaters and shopping malls, I certainly am intrigued by this new car company with a better approach for energy use and still giving the owner a drive that may certainly be worth the price tag. The next big idea I would like to see is harnessing solar energy to recharge the battery system. Here in Florida the amount of heat that could be captured and stored is infinite. Hydrogen is also an alternative but can be volatile like gasoline and may cause an explosion if not maintained in the vehicle properly. A high speed car crash can wreak havoc on many systems and if we can get away from flammable fuels of any kind that will create a much safer environment for us as consumers. The other thought is the majority of successful companies in the auto industry have always been shuttered by the big three US manufacturers but also they could be a good fit for Toyota, Honda and even Hyundai/Kia. Tesla is ripe for a buyout which always happens when you have a new company that is filling in gaps that are unforeseen by large multinational corporations. Elon Mask has the ability to see problems and come up with fantastic solutions. He is one of the greats like Ben Franklin, Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. I am looking forward to watching what happens with this company and all the problems that can be solved by high tech innovative solutions.

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