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The Switch and You!

Bad Guy

Today's tip is more like a public service announcement rather than just a blog entry. A couple of weeks ago a couple came into our store shopping some gold jewelry with an acquaintance of theirs. This particular couple is considered a regular customer of ours so we tested their gold based on the possibility we would be purchasing the jewelry. The couple never gave us an inclination they were going to purchase the jewelry from their acquaintance. We performed our normal array of tests and all of the items tested as gold. They decided not to sell the gold to us and left the store. We never suspected any criminal behavior until we were alerted to what took place in our parking lot a few days later. The couples intent was to purchase the jewelry from their friend and get an unbelievable deal on some nice pieces of gold jewelry. What they ended up buying was all fake plated jewelry. The couple returned to our store a few days later and advised us our equipment is faulty. What really happened was the young man switched the jewelry after he walked out to the parking lot. He then proceeded with the transaction and received a large sum of money for a few dollars worth of costume jewelry. So in hindsight this couple should have purchased the jewelry from a legitimate source rather than trusting an acquaintance whom they met out in the streets. My advice to you is be very wary of individuals selling gold for extremely low prices, it doesn't make sense. Gold prices are above $1,200 an ounce and they could sell it to a shop and get a lot more $$ for it. BUYER BEWARE.

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