The Z06 America's First Super car

Wow what a beast this car is, sleek beautiful design with some nice features that most cars costing twice as much may not have. The interior is improved and has some tech that is actually useful like the performance data recorder. It can help in improving track times and is just plain cool. The leather seats appear to be comfortable and the stitching and appearance make the car feel like it is worth the asking price. The tires are Michelin's and depend on what options you chose as to what will come on the car. My opinion is the Z07 package is just way too much and it is for the track. Most corvette owners based on research do not track their cars. The paint options are very nice with rim colors that are chrome and black. The performance is excellent for the cost of the vehicle. The Z06 is equipped with a ‎6.2 LT4 supercharged engine with 650 hp and 650 foot pounds of torque. Most Exotics don't offer this much horse power like the Porsche 911 turbo S which starts at $180,000. The base price is 80,395.00 and can range up to $120,000 depending on options. There are some owners who are reporting overheating with the automatics, and I watched a video clip with a guy here in Florida at Sebring who showed his data recorder kick into wimp mode. Gm really needs to step up their game and get these issues resolved. Me personally I was never interested in a Vette due to my early experiences with them and how unreliable they were. That mind set has changed, these are beautiful stunning cars and really show what American engineering is capable of. I know they are coming out with the mid engine but rumors are the price point is $150,000 and that will take it out of reach for the majority of Americans. Kudos to GM a job well done.

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