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Should I sell or get a Pawn Loan on my Drone? A&F Pawn Jewelry and Loan

Updated: Jun 6

This is the top rated drone on the market today and we offer Pawn/Asset loans on this model. The pro utilizes unparalleled technology and offers a compact design that enables you to travel with it in very tight spaces like on a bus or Subway. It also has stabilization technology along with crash sensing sensors on the bottom and front of the unit.

Camera Tech

This unit has a 4k @30fps video resolution capability and 1080p @96fps. The camera rotates which can change the orientation from landscape to portrait. It also can take up to a 12mp still shot. This unit offers focus adjustment within 19 inches of its target.


This unit has some amazing crash sensing capabilities that will help keep the unit and you safe. As these units approach an obstacle they will come to a stand still,hover and then move around the object. Also it has a sensor under the unit so when it lands if it senses an object it will avoid it. The stabilization can withstand winds up to 24 mph and still shoot clear video. These units have the ability to hone in on any object within 19" for close up shots. They also can follow an object, use GPS way points to travel a previous route. This unit is absolutely amazing with the speed of up to 43mph and distance capability of 4.3 miles. Also if the unit loses connection it will hover readjust and head back to its home starting point within one inch.


The battery run time is projected for 27 minutes but this could be subject to speed, camera settings, and distance. The charge time is between 60 to 80 minutes depending on whether you want a full charge. Some reviewers claim the battery should be charged up to 80% and then ran down to 20% for a longer life cycle. Just keep in mind battery life is subject to many factors so this is a fluid subject.

Overall this is a fantastic piece of technology that I highly recommend. I will be purchasing one in the near future myself.

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