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Can I Pawn the New DJI Spark Drone?

The DJI Spark is the best drone on the market today under $500

These drones are in high demand and we offer Pawn/Asset Loans and will purchase this model along with their other high-end offerings like the Mavic Pro. This unit is small, lightweight and has all of the features you would want in a Drone. Their competition is closing in on the technology gaps but yet have been able to make a more fun, compact and safe unit as the Spark.

Crash sensing capability

This unit has the same technology as the Mavic Pro and the Phantom Series. This technology allows it to avoid obstacles from a landing perspective and while flying. Also it has gesture capability which translates into moving your arms in a certain manner like a square and it will take a snapshot. Also when you wave your hands it will move back from you up to a certain preset distance. This technology sets DJI apart from the competition. It has a home button within the app and it really works.

Camera technology

This unit has a 1080P camera at 30FPS which is good for everyday video capture, but not good for professional use on a set. The Mavic Pro and the Phantom have 4k capability for a much more vibrant video or snapshot of your project, but for everyday use like vlogs this setup will work just fine.

Cons of the Spark

The flight time is 16 minutes on average based on camera settings, speed and height. The battery takes 80 minutes to charge which is why you would need at least two batteries for an outing or to film a project. The camera is not 4k which translates into a resolution that may not be optimal for professional video shoots.


This unit has sleeves that can help protect it during landing. The fly more bundle includes a colored unit, extra propellers, an extra battery, charging hub and carrying case for $100 more than the MSRP of $599.

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