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Can I pawn the Valentine One Radar detector?

Valentine One

This detector is top rated and by a large margin. The developer states GPS can confuse the end user so that is why they do not offer it as a feature. I personally own this model and will continue to upgrade to the newest offerings by this brand. The engineering behind the unit is top notch. Some of the fasted recorded road trips by drivers claim they use the Valentine one. The founder is the CO-Creator of Escort and so he knows radar detectors. We offer Pawn/Asset Loans on this model and many other top tier brands like Beltronics,Escort Cobra and Uniden.

How it works

The unit has 360 degrees detection capabilities with arrows showing what direction the threat is coming from. These units also have long range capability to determine oncoming radar. The use of pulse laser which scrambles signals and pinpointing drivers have become more apparent especially here in Florida. The new blind spot monitoring systems in cars can wreak havoc on your radar detector but V1 has a solution. They now offer units with a filter that excludes this low K band nuisance. These units have full coverage of all radar types and will show how many threats are nearby which will aid in the prevention of getting a ticket because law enforcement may set up near a known facility that will emit a bogus signal.

Windshields and Metallic tint

Some newer model cars now have a metallic layer between the windshield glass to block UV rays from the sun. Also metallic tint can block the radar sent from your detector. You will need to make sure your car does not block the signal or use of radar will not aid in the detection of real world threats.


These units are made of Die-Cast magnesium and are built to last. Most brands use plastic which over time will become prone to heat, wear and tear.


The company offers an upgrade for your existing unit. The price offered will depend on when the unit was made. No other brand in the market offers this and I believe it makes Valentine stand out. This is a great feature because these units are pricey but if it helps you avoid one ticket it pays for itself.

I use this model as my personal radar detector and trust the technology.

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