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5% of folks change their mind about Pawning Jewelry, But why?

In today's fast moving ever changing world some folks need a little financial help from time to time. In our experience some of those folks call and then change their mind about Pawning their Jewelry, But why? The reasons are some times just simple economics, they were offered more somewhere else. The point I want to make here is when seeking a jewelry pawn loan and you want your item back, think about the totality of the transaction not just the amount offered. Some of our competitors have high turn over rates and you really don't know who you are trusting your valuables with. Read their reviews, ask questions, in other words do your homework. Now the other point I want you to think about is the total cost of the loan, if you were offered a bit more but the rate you are paying is fifty percent higher then in the end did the WE PAY MORE slogan really help. We are family owned, trusted in the community, and offer excellence in the customer experience. Give us a call and we will give you the details of how a real Pawn loan works. We are Sarasota's # 1 Pawn Shop for a reason. Give us a call today.


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