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Can I pawn the Bose QuietComfort headphones?

Bose Quiet Comfort 35 noise cancelling wireless headphones

This line of headphones are top rated, have excellent sound, look and feel stunning. These are not the cheapest but I feel as though they are worth the price and I cannot say that about everything Bose makes. The charge time is twenty hours which is outstanding for a blue-tooth device in wireless mode. Wired mode gives you forty hours charge time. The noise cancelling feature really works which makes the experience that much better. The controls are on the back of the ear cup. This model also has NFC pairing which is a nice added bonus. The materials used are Alcantara which really gives it a high-end feel. Bose claims using blue-tooth they have a range of thirty three feet, but some reviewers have claimed up to seventy five feet. We offer Pawn Loans/Asset Loans on these and many other top tier technology products.

When I am in the market for headphones these will be at the top of my list and I rarely recommend a product.

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