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How to negotiate to get the best deal in a Pawn Shop.

Pawn Shop Deals

Just the other day a gentleman walks in our shop and immediately wanted to make an offer on a chain we have aggressively priced to move. His offer was for $700 and we have the chain priced at $1250. His offer was significantly below the spot price of gold so we declined and didn't take any further offers seriously. You see Pawn shops base their gold on the spot price and try to hedge for a move up or down. We always try to be fair but at the same time we know the price can move substantially to the down side very quickly. The chain priced at $1250 was above the spot price but significantly less than full retail like at a mall. We held that chain for a couple of weeks but then scrapped it. So you see he lost out on a great deal and we did not make as much because the chain was scrapped. This story is fiction of course but has some merit. When you are serious about purchasing an item from a Pawn Shop just realize the priced marked already is a good deal.

Great deals on jewelry every day

We have many beautiful pieces of jewelry ranging from vintage to modern. We have pieces with large stones, diamonds of all shapes and sizes even Euro cut. Our gold ranges from 10kt-18kt with bracelets, chains and anklets. We have silver coins ranging in sets to vintage coins like Morgans and Peace dollars. Check out our post on engagement rings here.

Music Gear

We have several styles of guitars along with new acoustics like Washburn and Kona. We have Fender and Ibanez electrics.

We are A&F Pawn the top rated Pawn Shop for Asset Loan/Pawn Loans in Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, North Port and Myakka city. Give us a call today. 941-951-2570

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