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What are the top 6 items you can get a Pawn Loan on?

This question can be answered in many ways but in my view the simple answer is Gold Jewelry,Diamonds and Luxury Watches like Rolex . Also Gold and Silver bullion, Gold Coins,Silver Coins,Mac Book Pros, Surface Pro tablets and Surface Books, high-end guitars like Les Paul Gibson and Martin. These are just a few of the items that we will loan up to $500 on depending on the piece. So let's get right to it.

1. Heavy Gold like a Cuban Bracelet or Chain

This is one item that can get you a loan for $500. It will just depend on the weight. The styles I see are Cuban, ID, Gucci, Figaro and Mariner. If we offer the $500 loan our rate is 15% per month. We are Sarasota's destination for Gold Pawn/Asset Loans. Give us a call today.

2. Diamonds

This is one item that ranges from a small loan or buy to a substantial loan depending on the four C's. A diamond has many variables like carat size, clarity, cut and color. The 4 C's will determine the loan to value ratio. We offer Pawn Loans/Asset Loans on Diamonds all day any day. Give us a call Today!

3. Rolex Watches

This is a category that can get you a substantial loan depending on the brand, most Rolex watches can easily get you a $500 loan with a lower rate than our competitors. Just keep in mind we authenticate in every way possible and watch loans take time to set up. Give us a call so we can begin the research phase. We offer Pawn Loans/Asset Loans on luxury watches. We are the leader in Sarasota for Rolex asset loans. Give us a call today!

4. Gold Bullion, Silver Bullion plus Coins

These pieces can have substantial value depending on if it is gold or silver. A couple of gold bars have substantial value along with gold coins depending on what mint and year. Silver bullion is easy to figure we just base it on weight. Silver coins can get you there but it is a much tougher asset to loan on. Silver coins are based on the spot price of silver or the actual selling price. I usually go by what the coin retails for and offer half the value. A&F offers Asset/Pawn Loans on coins and bullion depending on the value of the items.

5. Apple MacBook Pro's & Microsoft Surface Book Pro's

These systems are one of the only computers in the market place that we will lend up to $500 on. The key is specs. An I-5 system will not meet the criteria for a $500 loan but we will loan on it. I-7 systems can meet the criteria depending on the physical condition, graphics card, hard drive size and memory capacity. We routinely lend on these systems and they have substantial value. No other shop in the area can match us on the rate and payout. We are Sarasota's destination for Mac Book Pro Pawn/Asset Loans. Give us a call when you are in need of a short term loan. Microsoft has come a long with these systems and they are on par with Apple's Mac Book Pro and I-pad lines. The Surface Pro 4 is a lean powerful targeted tablet and a favorite of mine. They can run Office which is important to a small business or contractor. The specs can vary depending on your needs. The new Surface Book performance with an I-7 can easily get you a loan of $500. The main issue is they have to be in physically very good condition and adapters must be included. Also we are aware of bios tracking systems used by companies. If any of these are determined to be owned by a company then we will not accept it for a loan because they do not belong to the consignee. We are the leader in this area and these type of Pawn/Asset Loans.

6. Guitars like Martin, Taylor, USA made Fender and Gibson

Martin branded acoustic guitars are some of the most iconic in the music industry today and can justify a $500 Pawn Loan depending on model, age and condition. Taylor acoustics can also qualify for a $500 Asset Loan depnding on model, age and condition. Fender Strats and Tellies made in the US qualify for a $500 Pawn loan depending on age and condition. Gibson branded guitars can qualify on some models for a $500 Pawn Loan there again depending on age, condition and model.

We are A&F Pawn the top rated Pawn Shop for Asset Loan/Pawn Loans in Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, North Port and Myakka city. Give us a call today. 941-951-2570

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