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Can a Pawnbroker really have integrity?

Updated: May 31, 2023

History and Track Record

A&F Pawn has been in business for more than twenty five years. We are second generation owners and still prove everyday why we maintain a great reputation here in the community. We work with local law enforcement when necessary. Our reviews speak volumes about our philosophy. We are laser focused on our clients and we strive to treat each individual with respect and kindness.

What does integrity mean to us?

Any time we encounter a new or existing client we offer excellence in service. Our Process is discreet and secure. We are responsible, licensed and insured. We offer straight forward advise if we cannot strike a deal. When a client gives us the opportunity we do everything we can to follow through. We always make sure the individual on the other side of the counter understands our process, what they really have and our terms. We are building long term relationships and the only way for an organization small or large to survive is making sure they know the folks who are taking care of them operate with integrity.

Customer Loyalty and what it means to us

In our business we offer a service which is a small dollar asset loan or a product to purchase. Within these two categories we are focused on creating an excellent customer experience. This has been our focus since day one. The principals that guide successful business must create great experiences for their customers. When we all think of brands and then look at our experiences with those same brands one comes to mind for us and it is Macy's. When I am in their store I am always treated with respectful and knowledgeable associates about their product lines. Also online when I order something they create a great experience because they offer extra items for no extra costs. Now these are very low cost items to a large corporation like Macy's but they have obtained a loyal customer with these type of experiences. We do business with many companies like Amazon, Walmart, Newegg etc.. but Macy's creates a better experience than those previously mentioned. It is not always just about price. Its about the experience, and who is really creating happy customers. Here at our store we do the same thing as Macy's just in a different way. We offer jewelry at a substantial discount with a a long term layaway option which is the same as cash. Our Pawn Loan/Asset Loan structure offers substantial discounts at 40%-50% off which differentiates us from our competitors. We are a small business with a loyal customer base and looking to create great experiences for our long time loyal customers and potential new clients. Give us a call @941-951-2570 and let's see if we can help you or we may have something in our inventory you just can't live with out.

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