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Can I pawn the Whistler C93 radar detector?

This is Whistler's second generation of the GPS enabled radar detector series and the reviews are very good. One reviewer in particular stated he had both the Passport and Whistler setup at the same time and the whistler went off much earlier. So for a third of the cost of the Max 360 you can pick this one up but are you taking the risk of time delay to save money? We offer Pawn/Asset loans on this model and several other brands such as Valentine One and Beltronics.


This model has some cool features like GPS and the ability to detect different bands of radar. The distance is not as good as the top tier models and filtering is still not dialed in yet. The price point is much lower and hence the total performance is not as good. This detector picked up radar 2,700 feet way while the top rated models picked up closer to 5,000 feet away. Also this model does not have the ability to link up to communities like the G-7 or Max 360 does.


This is a solid radar detector from a company with a solid reputation. Its up to you if the price point and detection capabilities meet your needs.

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