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Can I Pawn Bvlgari Designer Jewelry?

The beginning

Sotirio Bulgari started the Bulgari company in 1884 and has become one of the world's most famous artistic jewelry brands. He was able to create pieces that show how beautiful stones work together. This began to capture the attention of the elites around the world. We offer Pawn/Asset Loans on Bulgari pieces and many top designers from around the world.


As time went by Sotirio's son took over the company and began a massive expansion. His grandson Gianni took over the company in 1966 and began a focus on product development and built 300 stores worldwide. These endeavors helped branch into other venues like hotels, perfumes, watches restaurants and a bar. The brand is so recognizable today that some celebrities only know one word in Italian which is Bvlgari.

Company today

This company is synonymous with art and luxury. The pieces they make are stunning, we have had the pleasure of purchasing a couple of their pendants in the past. Bulgari stands the test of time and will always have a place in fashion and design. They may not always have the retail space they enjoy today due to the younger generations purchase habits but there will always be an option to purchase their pieces, I'm sure of it.

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