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Can I Pawn the GoPro Hero 8 Black Edition?

GoPro Hero 6

GoPro has made a standard for action cameras with high definition and now 4K recording capabilities. They have been the leader for a decade but now the big camera companies like Sony and Nikon are making action cameras and this will be stiff competition at much lower price points. Can the GoPro 8 hold their position as the market segment leader? We offer Pawn/Asset Loans on GoPro Cameras and many other top tier action cameras.

Specs and Performance

The GoPro 8 now offers Hypersmooth, built in mounting, timewarp 2.0 and night lapse. They also offer high fidelity with reduced wind noise. Most folks don't use action cameras, they just use their phones which have excellent capability for still and video. The software has many functions which can cause confusion but also help create stunning video. Vloggers on Youtube use these cameras especially for filming cars and anything with fast moving action. One of the features the new camera offers is slow motion due to you can shoot at 60fps. The Pro tune menu is the advanced setup which gives access to enhance exposures. The other features for white balance and ISO have their own menus. These cameras have many advanced features to create stunning pictures with vivid color, 4K video and a ton of editing options. At this point these cameras can rival studio film cameras with stunning video, crisp, vibrant sill shots that will make you like a professional.

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