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Det Moppy Ryerson Meets His Match!

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

A&F Pawn Mascot
Detective Moppy Reyerson | Pawn Shop Chronicles

Chapter 1

Moppy has been working steadily on current cases and solving some old ones. He is now working for Captain Craig Janzen. The entire administrative team has been replaced since the last update. A new Mayor has been elected and he is very focused on crime and the drug epidemic. Moppy has been assigned several Burglary cases and has no interest to get into homicide. Maggie has stayed on as well and is the communication and tech specialist at headquarters. Moppy has no clue what he is stepping into but for him its just business as usual. Moppy hopped into his 2016 Mustang and drove over to the area where the crimes have been reported. He scouted the area looking for a clue but nothing really stood out except for a very nice Jaguar F-Type R spec pearl white parked in front of a duplex. He thought to himself "odd for this neighborhood. He wrote down the address and went back to the station. Most police work is done behind a desk these days, search tools and the internet have been game-changer. Moppy went to Maggie's office to see if she found anything that matched. Maggie stated, "I have run across some findings but nothing that would prompt serious attention." Moppy is also the local Pawn Detective and has several active cases he is working on.

Chapter 2

Moppy just received several new cases all related to burglaries on the East side of town. There were some Rolex watches, a custom bracelet with a Rolex style band with channel set diamond chips, and black onyx reported stolen. Also, a vintage bridal ring set in a Platinum halo with a large diamond solitaire taken and he knew they could end up in a Pawn Shop. So his first instinct was to call around some stores and see if anyone had brought one in. He called our store and sure enough, we had a Rolex and the Diamond Solitaire ring that matched the description. He stated, "I will be over in a bit to get pictures and put them on hold." He stopped in at 1:45 p.m. and gave us the hold order and took receipt of the original ticket. He advised we would need to work it out with the owner of the jewelry. Moppy now has an address and a name to check out which is an excellent lead for the detective. Moppy went to the address listed on the pawn ticket and knocked on the door. He stated who he is and also gave the name of the perpetrator. The door opened and two females came out and they looked very odd. One of them grabbed Moppy by the neck and slammed him against the wall, he could not break her grip. He thought to himself "Where are these two from, she has strength, not of this earth." Her friend pulled up in the same Jag he saw earlier and beeped. She let go of Moppy and he slid down the wall. He was about to pass out, but he was just about to give her a jolt she soon would not forget. The girl moved quickly and jumped in the car. Moppy began a hot pursuit but low key, no sirens, just stealth mode. Just then he got a call from Maggie she said "Where are you? Janzen is looking for you." Moppy said "I will be in soon, something came up. I will call Janzen and let him know." Moppy followed the two women for a long time but realized they are headed south and he just gave up the pursuit. He now has a name, address plus two suspects. He did get the tag number which will help in tracking those two down eventually. Moppy's phone rang it was Janzen "Hey Detective where are you? I need you here at the station, I have some witnesses that need to be interviewed for the Hobson case." Moppy replied, "Ok I will be in within the next twenty minutes, I was surveying the neighborhood where the burglaries are taking place." Moppy headed back without incident.

Moppy now realizes he is uncovering something more than just a few burglaries but will need to be patient. The plan will be to get Maggie involved in the research and he will use his access to the F.B.I. crime network, albeit illegal, to uncover some specifics on any odd casework that has not been resolved.

Chapter 3

Moppy interviewed the witnesses as advised and afterward went into Maggie's office. He gave her a brief rundown of what happened. Maggie asked, "Did you tell the captain?" Moppy said "No, he wouldn't believe me anyway. Did you find anything useful, like a name, anything?" Maggie said "Yes I have a name but this guy is special ops and was stationed in Central America. His name is Cambro and he is dangerous. He served some time after he left the military for dealing drugs." Moppy said "Cambro, yes I heard about him, he was like a ghost. He has many kills under his belt. He is very dangerous indeed." Moppy left the station and was planning to case the neighborhood once again. He went straight to the same duplex where the two girls were at. He parked across the street. It was daytime so now he can see what the neighborhood really looked like. He sat there for a long time, he was in an unmarked cruiser. He saw no activity so he drove down each connecting street looking for anything out of the ordinary. This was an old neighborhood with homes built in the fifties. It was quiet, neat, and clean. He wasn't making any progress so headed back to the station. On the way back he noticed a black Tahoe with dark tinted windows following him. He made some maneuvers and wanted to get behind them to run their tag. He had no intention of pulling them over. It started to get dangerous and whoever is in that Tahoe did not have good intentions. Moppy sped up and was headed to the interstate. He got off on the next exit and circled back slowly. He needs to know more about the whole operation, not just a couple thugs out to disrupt an investigation. He did not see the SUV again and went to the station. He interviewed several of the victims involved in the burglaries in the same neighborhood. It's the same recurring theme, cash, and jewelry which is more difficult to track. Moppy finished up and filed his reports and then stopped by Maggie's office. He gave her an update on the incident with the Tahoe. I also advised her of what items have been stolen. Maggie asked " why are they not stealing TVs and electronics like game consoles. tablets and guitars. Moppy said, "They want cash and jewelry, it is much easier to move with no trace." Moppy headed home after a long day.

Chapter 4

The detective went straight to his network. He began to search for a Tahoe, the name Cambro and jewelry thefts and busts in and around his city. He searched 'til late and never really got a lead. But he knows good police work always comes in small details. The next morning as he headed past the entrance gates from his cave he noticed something odd. It was a note painted in red and stated, "We know where you live", he stopped and grabbed the note. He arrived at the station and went straight to Maggie's office and gave her the note for analysis. Moppy went to his morning briefing and was advised about two more break-ins. He spoke to Janzen after the meeting and wanted more details on the burglaries. Janzen said, "Detective these break-ins are continuing on your turf, what are you doing about it?" Moppy replied, "Don't worry lieutenant I will get to the bottom of this very soon." Moppy thought to himself "The press is beginning to add some serious pressure to this case." He left the station and went straight to the hot zone and began casing homes and even knocking on some doors. Maggie called and left him a message "The note was written in human blood, give me a call when you can." Moppy approached another home and this time some action was taking place which was odd. The front window curtain moved suddenly and then a shot rang out. He pulled out his revolver and called for back-up. He crouched down and moved along the walls. He was listening intently for any clue to what these folks were up to. He overheard an individual refer to the stack and deep 6 the operation. His backup arrived, two officers in a marked sedan. Moppy advised them to take cover, he then approached the back of the house. The home was kept in pristine condition. As he approached, he saw the same two girls he previously encountered carrying boxes and heading to a small SUV. He yelled "Freeze, put your hands up, drop the boxes, and turn facing the wall. The girls had no reaction and were going to run but that would have been a very bad idea. They both complied and leaned against the wall. The lady officer frisked both of them. Moppy began a series of questions as the remaining officer searched the property. They will need the warrant to search the home. Moppy called Janzen "This is Ryerson, I need a search warrant for the home located at 890 west Calabassi St." Janzen Replies "For what reason, I need to fill out the form and submit it to the judge." Moppy stated "Captain there was a shot fired and I overheard two females talking and one of them said to deep-six the operation. I am questioning both of them now. We need to search the home for contraband, stolen items, and anything else that can be associated with the recent B&E's on the Eastside." Captain Jensen said, "Ok good I will get the warrant issued." The team waited for about thirty minutes and then got the email with the warrant attached. Moppy immediately advised the two females about the warrant and advised them of their rights. He opened the back door and with gun drawn, he had full armor on and was ready for anything. He hears nothing in the house as he entered the premises. He looked through rooms first and then bathrooms and closets. He then began checking for anything odd but nothing was out of place. He noticed a residue on the counter and wanted to get it analyzed. He grabbed a sample and put it in a zip-lock baggy. He noticed an odd picture hanging over what looked to be a door. He moved the picture and then tried to open the door. It was cemented shut, the only option was to cut it out. He advised Janzen of his findings, There may be nothing behind the door or something sinister. Janzen states "Detective, we do not have the resources to take apart that house, especially when you have found nothing to tie these two to the burglaries in the area. Let's wrap this one and bring those two in for questioning and charge them for discharging a weapon within city limits. Moppy did wrap up the investigation and arrested both of them. They were booked and were bonded out almost immediately by their attorney. Moppy will keep these two on the radar, plus he will investigate the room on his own.

Chapter 5

Moppy decided to take a road trip, it will be his first in the GT. His plan is to head down the Pacific Coast Highway and stop in San Francisco. It was a beautiful sunny Saturday morning and he hopped in his hot rod and blew out of town. He drove for a long time and was planning to stop for lunch. He drove to Crescent City and found a diner that had good reviews. It was called the Sea Dif Seaside Cafe. They are supposed to have the best burger in town. So he headed straight there and grabbed a booth. The place looks like it never left the fifties. Chrome seats, checkerboard floors, and old music but the one thing that caught his eye was the waitress. She looked like Anna Nicole Smith and she smiled at him as he reviewed the menu. She walked over and took his drink order. She said, "Hi my name is Katrina but you can call me Kat, I will be your server today." Moppy said "My name is Paul Ryerson and I'm from Oregon. I am on a weekend road trip heading to San Francisco to see the Golden Gate Bridge and China town." Kat says "I have been there several times, make sure you stop at the famous Golden Gate Bakery in China Town. They have the best egg custard tart in the country." She took his drink order and he studied her intensely as she walked away. He knew what he wanted when he walked in but just had to talk to her for a bit. She walked up and said, "Here is your Coke and what would you like today." He just stared at her and then said: "A double bacon cheeseburger with onion rings will do." He checked his messages and then began to relax some. Kat delivered his order with a fresh coke and a big smile. He ate quickly and was ready to settle up. He left the tip and went to the register. She gave him the receipt with a smiley face and her number with a note that said: "Call me anytime." Moppy hopped back in the Stang and headed down the Pacific Coast Highway. He could not stop thinking about Kate the entire trip. He arrived late in the evening and his hotel was in the mission district. He parked in a lot a couple of blocks away from the hotel. During his walk back to the hotel, he noticed a very odd light with smoke coming from a side street. It was an old hotel with no elevators. His room was on the third floor. He entered his room and found it to be adequate. The odd thing about this room is it only has a sink with a big crack in it and no shower or toilet. Moppy immediately went down the hall to check out the facilities. The shower room is by itself, tiled and clean. Across the hall was the bathroom and is the same, clean and tiled in black marble with white accents. Moppy found this setup very odd. Everyone on the same floor uses these facilities.

San Francisco is very expensive and overcrowded hence the reason for this particular hotel.

He went back to his room, checked his messages, and went to sleep. He woke up at 7:00 am on the dot, got dressed, and went to the gym. On his way back he noticed his door was open to his room. He did have his service revolver on him. He yelled out "This is the police, freeze with your hands up." He entered the room and no one was there. He found his documents all over the bed and nothing else was disturbed. He packed up and went to the front desk. He said to the attendant "This place is not very secure, someone was in my room and went through my things. The young lady says "I can call the police and make a report if you like." He says " I am the police, a detective on a weekend road trip. Just let management know what happened." He left the hotel and walked back down the street to get his car. He paid close attention as he walked by the side street where the light was coming from. He walked over near it and noticed a peculiar burn mark in the asphalt. He got in his car and went to a breakfast cafe on the other side of town closer to the bridge. He then went to the Golden Gate visitor center and enjoyed the stunning view of the bay. After that, he took Kat's advice and went to the Golden Gate Bakery in China town. He got lucky, a line was forming, so he got in line and struck up a conversation with two Asian businessmen. One of them kept referring to the President as chump rather than Trump which was annoying but Moppy just blew if off, and got what he came for some of the best egg tarts in the country. He then went to a famous Chinese restaurant and ordered some real orange chicken, an egg roll and some egg drop soup. "Wow what a great meal, the best Chinese food ever," he thought to himself. He hit up a couple of museums and then began to head back home. His plan was to stop in Crescent city and see Kat again.

Chapter 6

He got into Crescent city around dinner time and went straight to the Sea Dif cafe. Kat was working and she greeted him and remembered his name. He ordered the same thing as before. It was Sunday so the diner was slow. Moppy asked her to join him for a bite to eat and so she did. She began to ask questions like "What do you do for work? What city do you live in? What are your interests?" Moppy answered all of her questions and asked a few of his own. She then mentioned she was going to the night club here in town. She asked if he would join her. Moppy said "Sure I can do that, I will just need to book a room and get some rest so I can make it back on time. I am scheduled to meet a team in the morning." She said, "the best place is the Sunny Cove Hotel on Main street." He said "Ok I will meet you at the club at 10:00 pm this evening. His alarm went off at 9:30 pm and he took a quick shower, got dressed in his black and whites, and was at the club ten minutes early. He checked out the place and then sat at the bar and ordered a cold beer on tap. They have a Canadian Molson ice tap which is a sight when poured. He thought what a cool way to serve beer. He just relaxed and was people watching waiting for Kat. She arrived at 10:00 pm on the dot. She wore a short tight-fitting skirt and a beautiful purple top to match with heels. Wow, she looks great he thought to himself. She entered as if she was a star but was looking for Moppy. She pulled up a chair and ordered a slow gin fizz. He said to her "wow you look great, do you come here often?" Just then a couple of her friends came up and invited her to dance. She said, "I will be back after a couple of songs, don't go anywhere." Moppy said, "I will wait for you." He sat back relaxed and drank his tall cold beer. A fellow sitting two seats over struck up a conversation with him. Moppy got a bad feeling about this guy, he just rubbed him the wrong way. Kat returned to her seat and they began a long conversation about all sorts of topics. Moppy was just trying to ascertain any kind of compatibility with Kat. He began to tire and knew he had a long drive ahead in the morning. He let Kat know he was leaving due to his early meeting back in Oregon. She hugged and kissed him on the cheek. She said, "when am I going to see you again?" He replied "I will call you, maybe you can make a visit up to my way. She said "Looking forward to it." Moppy left the club and went back down the same path as he came. As he was walking two guys jumped out from behind what looked to be a dumpster. They had black masks on and were ready to attack. He immediately yelled at them "Police, stop with your hands up!" They both began to approach him and were looking to do some damage. Moppy grabbed his lasso and swung it around them. This is no ordinary lasso, he used force and then the lasso began to tighten on its own. The two men began to realize they were being strangled but made no sounds. Moppy put handcuffs on both of them and cuffed them to the dumpster. He used his tool the Wander light which emits a brilliant light and can force the truth out of anyone it comes in contact with. He asked them "who are you working for? what do you want with me?" One of the men replied "I work for Jones tire shop and he works at the bowling alley. I was in a past relationship with Kat and saw you hanging out with her at the club so I thought I might scare you off. Moppy said " I see, well you are going to sit it out overnight cuffed to this dumpster until law enforcement arrives. They will be notified you tried to assault an officer with a weapon, have a good evening." Moppy went straight to his room and went to sleep. He woke at 5:00 am and immediately took a shower, got dressed, and left town. He made it on time and received a text from the Crescent city police Dept. They apprehended the two individuals at approximately 2:15 am. They are in a holding cell. They are requesting Moppy to call back for more details. He has no intention of following up, his note explained everything. Kat also sent him a text, but he ignored it for now. He got out of his car and began to chat with the detectives and officers on the scene. He overheard one of the sergeants referring to Cambro as kind of like Pablo Escobar. Moppy snapped at the sergeant "Ghosts do not exist, Cooper, you guys need to break it up and do some real police work." Moppy went into the wooded area nearby looking for clues. He listened intently to the sounds of the neighborhood.

Now the fun starts for Moppy as he begins to realize who is actually behind all of these small crimes.

Chapter 7

The task force did not find any clues but Moppy got a call from Maggie and she has a new lead. Maggie states "His name is Mike Ciccarello and he goes by the name "Crank." This guy is very dangerous, he assaulted two officers after he was found at a gruesome seen in Greentown not too far from your location this morning. Moppy asked, "Was he apprehended, or did he get away?" Maggie replies "No he beat both officers severely and escaped." Moppy thought to himself "I am going to take this guy out after I question him." He said, "thanks Maggie I will take it from here." He immediately went to the scene where the officers were hurt. He scanned the area and used his sense of smell to pick up a trail. He noticed an unusual scent coming from the train tracks nearby. He followed it a bit and realized it was leading to a trail of blood. He followed the trail to a spot where a vehicle was parked. He took note of the tire tracks, he used his scanner which is not an ordinary scanner. This device will trace infrared, human DNA, tire tracks. It tracks anything that leaves a heat source. Moppy began checking the vehicle for occupants, no one inside. He then began checking for prints or traces of blood. The doors were open so he looked inside and sees nothing out of the ordinary. He then popped the trunk still nothing. He used his K-light which uses florescent tech to check for blood spots. The trunk was splattered with blood so he then scanned for DNA and will submit for results. He shut the trunk and took detailed images of the vehicle. He then kept walking down the tracks for more than a mile but picked up nothing more than animal dung. He walked back to his car and drove back to his cave. He uploaded all of the data on the discovered car and submitted the DNA samples. The heat pattern shows the car was at the scene when the officers were attacked. He did not turn in the evidence yet. He will wait for the results. If the abandoned car is noticed by a black and white, he has all the data. Moppy wants this Crank guy in a bad way. He began reviewing all security camera footage in the area. One of the street cameras showed a black SUV leaving the scene at a very high rate of speed just after the attack. He then began to look at all black Suburbans registered in the area. He pulled a D.M.V. list and matched three to the same one noticed earlier. Moppy drove to all three residences and knocked on the doors. The first two had no answer and the last one was the big break he was looking for. Moppy could hear movement in the house but no one came to the door. He knew this was Crank's residence but needed to proceed with caution. He moved back to the SUV and began to take a closer look inside. He noticed a large duffel bag inside that was zipped up. He grabbed his infrared glasses to get a better look. The bag was filled with cash, bullets, and two Glock handguns. Moppy thought to himself "This guy is getting ready for a trip, possibly Mexico." Moppy moved back away from the house and disguised himself in some bushes. He waited for more than two hours, and finally, some movement began. The door opened and those two young women from the previous incident stepped out first. They look worse now than before, barely able to walk. Moppy's plan is to capture all three and head back to base. He will interrogate them and send them back to the border with no memory of anything, no papers, nothing. He was considering killing Crank but decided to just leave them stranded in Mexico.

This task provided a good lead and he got back in his car. As he continued to monitor the house another figure stepped outside and his description fit Cranks. Moppy sprung into action, he made sure he has all of his tech and weapons on his person. He yelled "Police, All of you hands up, do not move or I will use deadly force. He used his lasso which rendered them helpless. He put all three in the SUV and searched for the key-fob. It was in Crank's right front pocket. The Mustang has homing technology installed. He engaged the unit and then cranked up the Black Tahoe. He drove as fast as possible back to the cave. His passengers stayed quiet during the drive. Once he arrived he used his tools on them and made some important discoveries about their operation. He really wanted to torture Crank but just stored all of the information provided in the system. His car arrived about a half-hour later without incident.

One would think how did his car drives itself home, make it through intersections, red lights, idiot drivers, etc... Well, Moppy is highly skilled and developed a one of a kind antonymous driver system. It has some amazing capabilities like armor shield, self implode mode, stealth paint, and hover jet speed.

Moppy sent all captives to Juarez Mexico with no documents and no memory of how they got there. He knows they will be back but it will take weeks. He will make use of the information obtained from Crank and his crew in the coming weeks and months.

Chapter 8

Maggie is a beautiful young and vibrant Philly with long flowing jet black hair with blonde highlights. She has green eyes like Emeralds that glow in the night. She is curvy but stays in shape. She wears a small tat on her right arm and keeps it covered during her shifts. She likes a glass of chardonnay and some salted caramel ice cream from Pop's Soda Stand when she gets home. She listens to old school 80's music and modern jazz while tending to her garden or reading a romantic novel. She likes beaches, camping, zip-lining, fishing and just to be out in nature. She doesn't watch the news due to she is subjected to all of the news events while she is at headquarters. Her past is dark and she did not have the greatest childhood. Her mother is a waitress and her father is a licensed contractor for the state. They split when she was twelve and it has been a rocky relationship with both since. Her personal relationships are short-lived due to her insecurities about marriage. She always sees the good in people but her line of work is beginning to change her perspective. Some of her fellow colleagues have tried to ask her out but she never gives them the light of day. She has no interest in her conversations always involving work, she knows it would never last. Her current romantic interest is an intern named Michael Anderson at James Zach Memorial Hospital. He is a doctor and will be done with his internal medicine internship in one year. They met at a cafe downtown when Maggie was doing surveillance on of Moppy's prior cases. They are just taking things slowly as they come. Mike really has no intention of getting serious with Maggie. He's much more interested in several nurses at the hospital. Maggie will move on to the next very soon. Maggie is intrigued by Moppy but it breaks her rule, they have many things in common. It may be just a matter of time.

Chapter 9

Cambro has begun to put his plan in place. He sent a private plane to retrieve Crank and his squad. Crank upon his return vowed to take Moppy and as many cops out as he could. Crank said to Cambro "we need our money, and I need an army including weapons." Crank said "Also I want a 50 cal rattle gun for a backup. This is war and I will get my revenge." Cambro gave him a cold stare "Do you really think I am going to risk my operation over your lameness and lackadaisical attitude towards your responsibilities?" Cambro reiterates "You need to think about the future and stop with this obsession you have with killing cops." Cambro said, "If you continue you will leave me with no alternative." The meeting between the two was over and Cambro took a call from one of his men who spotted Moppy snooping around one of their field offices. Camacho says "Detective Ryerson was just in and he advised me he will be watching our operations very closely and if he finds one thing out of line operations will cease." Cambro advised Camacho "If you get a clear shot take the detective out. I will put up $50,000 for any man who has proof of death." Now Moppy has a target on his back but it won't be easy to take him out. Moppy went to the next Westside office and upon arrival, he began to take on gunfire. He immediately put the car in armor mode and used his cameras to find out where the shots were coming from. His car is now like a tank. He used his mic and yelled out to stop firing but they would not. He then noticed a truck rolling up with a large gun in the back it was a 50 caliber machine gun. The men were firing as they approached. Moppy had no choice to stop the threat, bullets began to pierce his car. He launched 4 RPG's at the truck and then launched grenades at the areas where the shots were coming from. The truck blew up and several men were crawling away from it. The detective could not get out of his car due to the remaining threats. He used infrared to detect body heat. There are several men bent over and trying to get away. He called for back up but they have not arrived which was odd. He called Maggie and said, "I am taking heavy gunfire from several sources, I need back up." Maggie said, "there should be several on the scene already." Moppy ended the call, he then began to move back towards the truck and then two bullets came flying through the car. He needed to vacate the area quickly. He slammed into the truck and turned his built-in machine gun toward the truck and unloaded. He was not going to stop until the truck was in shreds. He knew Cambro was behind this and now it was all-out war. Finally, he heard sirens and he saw swat pull up plus the tach squad. He announced over the PA that they were surrounded. Swat commander Mike Johnson yelled out over his PA "Everyone holds their positions, detective Reyerson is still in his car. Moppy began to move his car past what was left of the truck. He saw several men laying around it and were not moving. He waited for the Swat team to take positions and clear the area. Moppy got out of his car and looked around it. It was riddled with bullet holes. He walked up to the commander and said "what took you guys so long to get here?" The commander said "Glad to see you to detective." Moppy killed a minimum of ten men that day and he knew it was Cambro and Crank. He said, "I need to get back to headquarters and fill out my report." He gave them details about the attack. The news channels arrived plus medical personnel and the coroner's office. He wasn't sure his car was going to run but gave it a shot. Several reporters were on both sides of his car. He fired it up put it back in normal sport mode and checked the systems for leaks or problems. The Mustang still runs as designed none of the core components were damaged. The bullets that pierced the car were from the big gun. Moppy filled out his report from the cave and spoke to Janzen over the phone. He is going to take Cambro out and nothing is going to change his mind. He turned on the 5 o'clock news and the shoot-out made state and local news. Los Angeles was reporting on the story. He just turned it off. The police chief wanted to see Moppy in person. Moppy needed a stiff drink and reflect on what just occurred. Maggie called him and wanted to come over for a chat. He told Maggie she could come by. Maggie pulled up in her TT roadster and Moppy opened the gate. She rolled in and pulled up by the Mustang. She got out and inspected the damage. Bullet holes all over the outside of his car. She thought "How did he survive this?" Moppy said, "Come on in, and let's talk about what happened." She said "How did you survive the attack? you should not be alive after looking at your car." He said "That armor did its job, none of the core components got damaged. They used armor-piercing bullets in the .50 caliber machine gun. The damage is cosmetic only except for the two bullets that entered the cockpit. I will take it back to Stokes, and then they will repair the damage." Maggie asked, "How are you feeling?" Moppy said "I have never had to actually kill anyone before so not great. Maggie says "You sure did a number on those guys. Do you need anything from the store?" Moppy says "Nah I'm good, just having you here is what I needed. Maggie didn't know how to interpret his words but just ran with it. She gave him a peck on the cheek and told him to rest up. Moppy poured himself a tall glass of Jameson 18yr Irish whiskey and offered her a shot. She drank it and planned on staying for a while. Moppy put on a good movie and just wanted to relax, but way down deep in his thoughts, it was digging a trench in his heart. Maggie drank a few more shots then relaxed on his couch. She fell asleep and Moppy just let her rest.

Moppy looks tired and disheveled but he knows this will pass. His thoughts of what happened and how he could have prevented it was bothering him deeply. He does not want to take another life but Cambro is an exception.

Chapter 10

Moppy began to develop feelings for Maggie he never knew were there. He thought about Kat all the time but just never followed up with her. Maggie must have woke up in the middle of the night because she was gone by morning. Moppy will request leave due to the shooting. Detectives usually get assigned to desk duty for two weeks, and Moppy is no exception. He got dressed and went into the station. Captain Janzen and everyone on duty stood and clapped and cheered, it was like a hero's hometown welcome. Most of the guys never knew Moppy was capable of surviving such an attack let alone taking out ten plus at once. Moppy always captures the bad guys or solves the case. His rep is kind of soft but now he has the attention of the entire department. He also has Cambro's which is going to get much more dangerous for all of them. Moppy has an appointment with the therapist assigned to the Department. Moppy shook hands with all of them and went to his desk. He just wanted some normalcy, he did not like all of this attention and he felt like taking those men's lives was not an act of heroism. He went to get a cup of coffee and to see Maggie. She was at her desk working on several cases of burglary and gathering DNA evidence for a rape case. Moppy said, "Good morning Maggie, what time did you leave?" Maggie stated, "Good morning Detective, I left around five this morning." He asked "Do you want to get some lunch later? Maggie replied "My boyfriend is meeting me at Joe's Tavern at one o'clock but you are welcome to join us. He replied, "Nah three is a crowd, maybe some other time." Moppy headed to the cafe for a good cup of coffee and to relax before his shift starts. Captain Janzen rolled up and stated, "Detective we will need to get a full briefing on yesterdays events, also the Chief and Mayor will be in my office at ten o'clock." Moppy turned in his report last evening but this is a huge story. His shift began at eight but he was in no mood to sit at his desk. He went to Janzen's office and closed the door. He advised the captain he turned in his report. Moppy asked "What questions do you have for me? After this and if I am not needed I would like to go. I am not feeling too good, lack of sleep and I need time to recuperate from yesterday." Janzen asked "OK, so just tell me what happened and how did you kill ten men? Moppy explained the events in great detail and the Captain was OK with the detective's answers. Janzen said "I understand you need some rest so take some time off. I will fill in the blanks for both of them during our meeting." Moppy left in his old Isuzu Hombre Pickup. On his way out there were two guys in a Beemer and they looked like trouble. Moppy ignored it and headed back to his hideout. He is thinking about taking a trip to see Kat. His car would be ready late that evening. Moppy went straight in and slammed several shots of scotch. He laid down on his new couch and went to sleep. He made sure all systems were on. He was awakened by an alert on his phone around 5:00 pm. A disturbance is underway in the city and he knew Cambro was behind it. He checked his surveillance cameras and all clear. He needed to pick up his car first and then head into town. Moppy setup an Uber for a ride to the repair shop. He got there without incident, the city already settled his tab so the tech gave him a rundown on the repairs and the new tech installed. The Mustang looks like a Shelby now but has a few more options installed, one is the cool new Ipad in place of the factory NAV system. The systems can be monitored directly and the map shows more details that were not visible. The weapons system was reloaded and shields reactivated. The mustang now has close to 500 HP under the hood.

Chapter 11

Moppy drove to headquarters and went in the back entrance. He wanted to talk to Janzen first and then Maggie. As he sat in the office he heard an explosion, it was a bomb. It shook the entire building. They began to take cover and prepare for something bad. They all headed towards the bunker as Moppy headed towards the explosion. He made sure he was heavily armed. He looked at the damage and knew people were hurt. There were no ambulances as of yet. His goal is to stop all threats. The captain dispatched SWAT so he would team with them. Moppy slipped into a small janitorial closet. He changed into his new suit. No one will recognize him but he will be able to handle gunfire of any type. He left the room quickly and used his heat map to give indications of where the bomb went off. He began to listen to all conversations in the immediate area. He knew there were more bombs set to go so that is his priority. He overheard a guy with an accent giving locations of the other two and at what times. Moppy called dispatch and advised to clear the entire block. He has fifteen minutes until the next one goes off. They are set with timers so that will be the clue. He tuned out all conversations but the sounds of electronic devices. He began to hear a specific hum. He ran towards it and found the next bomb. It is attached to a pillar in the parking garage. He radioed the Swat leader and advised he needs a bomb tech to disarm it. He gave the location and then went on to find the other one. He knows the sound so it won't be difficult. He located it and knew he will need to disarm it himself. His suit may not survive a blast so he will need to work fast. Moppy opened the breaker box and there it was a thing of beauty but will be deadly. He logged into his network to find the sequence charge so he could disarm it. The wires will need to be cut in a color pattern. He found the same setup so he thought but after further review it is different. He is running out of time so he decided to wing it. If it blows he would not make it. He cut the red and blue wires and then one by one the other five. The timer stopped and it was done. The bomb squad must have had success with the other due to it never detonated. Now he needs to find the culprits and help with the injured. He waisted no time.

This is what a real hero does in the face of adversity. He will never stop looking for real threats to his city.

Chapter 12

Moppy continued with the surveillance and began to gather evidence from the scene. The bomb that did go off killed three people and hurt more than two hundred. Captain Janzen and the Mayor called in the FBI for forensics and data help. An entire block around the building has been declared a crime scene. All of the security cameras in the area have been viewed as well. There have been no claims of responsibility. Moppy knew it was Cambro sending a message. He vowed to take out Cambro and began to review all communications using cell tower taps. He will not ask for a warrant, just going to find his location. He called Maggie for any intel she could provide from where the bomb went off. She advised a black Suburban was in the vicinity and has a tag number for him. He advised Maggie not to tell the team about the tag just yet. Once he got that info he was on his way to the location but knew there will be a huge line of defense for Cambro. He drove up to the stockyard where the tag is registered. It was very quiet, too quiet. He drove around and looked for the black SUV but no sign of it. He put the car in stealth mode. He proceeded to case the small office. He then noticed a group of men in the metal building on the west side moving large containers into a cargo ship trailer. Those things are huge and super convenient. He made sure he went undetected. He began to check his weapons and armed his car. He waited invisibly for a couple of hours and then he saw the black SUV roll-up. His plan is simple, to extract Cambro and then call for backup. The men in the SUV went into the office. It's Crank and Cambro with a young lady holding Cambro's hand. Moppy walked towards the men and used his lasso. The lasso which will render a man into a state of pause like time has been frozen. Moppy needs to make sure there are no other stragglers around. He used his special hearing once again and nothing but voices coming from the office. He now needs to determine how many are in there. As it became silent outside Cambro noticed the Containers are not being loaded. He called one of his men's cell phone with no answer. Moppy knew they were onto him now. Just then the door opened up and Crank was wielding a submachine gun and began to fire it in Moppy's direction. Moppy moved closer to Crank to get a better look inside the office. Just then two more men brandishing submachine guns came out and began to shoot at Moppy. His suit can deflect the bullets but he will lose the ability to stay invisible. He jumped behind a container for safety. Cambro stepped into the doorway and shouted at the men in Spanish which means let's go "Vamos, Vamos, Vamos." The men are just standing there expressionless. Moppy came out of the shadows and began to shoot at Crank and the other two. Cambro ran back inside like a coward. His girlfriend began to yell and scream. Moppy yelled out "Cambro come out with your hands up." Cambro yelled back "I will kill the girl if you don't leave." Moppy set a trap for Cambro long ago. The girl inside is an operative and is very skilled. Moppy knew she would kill him when she got the chance and he needed to make a distraction. He said to Cambro "I will leave but only if I know the girl is safe." Cambro yelled, "why does this girl matter to you?" Moppy began to move towards the back of the trailer and set a bang stick which is very loud in the subframe. When it detonated, it gave Melanie time to push Cambro away from her. She screamed as loud as she could then she grabbed his prized Machete and chopped his head clean off his shoulders. Moppy heard some stomping around and then the door opened wide and there she stood with head in tow. Moppy asked her "Are you ok, are you hurt?" Melanie replied, " I'm ok just a little stressed, he was going to kill me." He said, "I called for backup a few minutes ago." Just then sirens were heard. He said, "they will have questions for you but it was justified sort of haha." They only need to know the least amount of details as possible. They will blanket this entire compound for evidence of the bombing and illegal dealings.

Moppy made sure the men were apprehended and the operation was shut down. Cranks' daughter came to visit him in the hospital and was visibly shaken by his condition. Cambro's family paid their last respects and the city did not offer him a proper burial. He was cremated and his remains were thrown out at sea. Melanie gave her statement and went back to patrolling the coast for Homeland security. Maggie broke up with her boyfriend and just wanted to be single for a while. Moppy is keeping busy working on and closing old cases. He loves the city and is considering retiring. He will take a trip and go see Kat soon. Captain Janzen has done a good job and will be considered for the Cheif position. All things considered, Moppy escaped some dangerous situations and should be celebrated as a

hero. The press has no clue he is the one who disarmed the third bomb and he is good with that.

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