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Top 5 Reasons to get a Pawn Jewelry Loan

Jewelry Pawn Loans
Jewelry Pawn Loans

When folks need a little extra help for those unforeseen emergencies, Pawn Shops can be the answer. Here at A&F Pawn Jewelry and Loan we pride ourselves on offering top notch service, high payouts and much lower rates than our competitors. Now onto the five reasons you may need a Jewelry Pawn Loan.

1. Pawn Shops Do Not Run Your Credit

We use collateral such as Diamond Solitaire Engagement rings, Heavy Gold Cuban Link Chains,Broken Gold, Diamond and Gold Jewelry, Gold and Diamond Bracelets, Gold and Diamond Earrings, High End Electronics, Martin, Gibson and some Fender Guitars,Camera equipment Like Nikon, Sony and Canon Etc...

2. Discreet Same Day Cash Payout

We do not sell your information and the only entity that will have access yo your data is Law enforcement due to state statues require Pawn Shops to report all Pawn Loan and Buy transactions to a data base for Local Law Enforcement. Also we pay cash or check the same day you need the loan so there is no waiting period.

3. Small Dollar Loans You Can't Get at a Bank

We offer Pawn Loans of $15 all the way up to $1,000's and in some instances it takes a matter of minutes to write it up. Just the other day we wrote a loan on a Rolex for $1,500.

4. Need to Pay a Bill

Most Pawn Loans for $100 or less are for some sort of bill like electric, cable or your cell phone. Also some contractors need gas money if they are traveling far from home.

5. Vacation

If you need some cash for a Summer vacation then a $100-$500 Pawn Loan could do the trick. Heavy Gold Chains can get you $500 very easily and get you on your way.

There you have it, five reasons you may need a Pawn Loan and some real world examples from our store.


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