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What can I pawn a Daiwa BG series or Okuma C Series reel for?

We deal in fishing gear and these types of reels roll through the doors on many occasions. I own a BG 5000 combo and it is super nice but made for the sea, not light fishing. It is a solid rod and reel combo and can cast a long way out. The color combination is slick but the bale paint may flake off over time. The action is medium and smooth. This combo can handle large fish like kingfish, wahoo, cobia, and many more.

The Okuma C-30 is more agile and can handle small fish using a 6-8lb test. This reel is affordable and has a very smooth action. The reel is made of solid components and has a foam handle instead of plastic which makes it more comfortable for long days. This is a highly sought-after reel and has great resale value. We purchase and loan on this type of gear all day every day. Give us a call and we will give you a quote or better yet stop in.

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