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What can I Pawn my PS5 for?

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

PS5 Console With Controller
PS5 Loans @A&F Pawn

This will be a question that we will get soon enough and the answer lies with you and how much do you really need. The PS5 is a brilliant system with two formats one with disc capability and the other just digital. The PS5 is capable of 8K with a software update which will enhance graphics and make for a mind-blowing gaming experience. The titles will play on PS4 systems which may cause some of you to hold off on purchasing a PS5. The controller has a feature in which you can blow into it and it will show up on the screen like in Spider Man-Miles Morales. The storage capacity is 825GB and the OS uses around 100GB so you will not be able to store many games on the unit due to the intense high definition nature of the new games. So what do you want to do Sell or get a loan? We will offer you a competitive payout for sure. Give us a call today.

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