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What can I Pawn an Xbox Series X/S for?

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Xbox Series X System
XBOX Series X/S @A&F Pawn

Ok, so we will get this question in the near future just like the previous systems. So let's get to it. First off I am going to go over the specs and the different systems you can purchase. They come in two different models. One is a full HD 4K unit with a Blu-ray drive and the S model does not have the higher graphics capabilities. Microsoft is pushing cloud storage while Sony is running the same setup with the Playstation network albeit with some changes that gamers may not like. The X model is designed to keep the components cool and at optimal performance. The entire design is focused on temperature and power. The S series is digital-only and does not have a media drive. The graphics are not as good as the X model but will do 120fps which is no slouch for gaming. I always tell my customers to use these consoles for gaming and computers for work and internet use. Windows is not the best for gaming, some very high-end units can play games very well but at a steep cost. This series is designed for games and will render every detail quickly with no lag. Now the question is how much can you sell or get a loan on one of these? I will repeat myself, only take what you need and nothing more. If you are looking to sell, check used prices on sites like eBay and the Marketplace. Most stores will offer a percentage based on an average used price. So if you need a quick cash loan and you have one of these units do not hesitate to give us a call. Just remember conversations are building blocks to long-term relationships and that is our business.

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