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What can I pawn my Bluetooth Party Speaker for?

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

JBL Bluetooth Speaker
Bluetooth Speakers @A&F Pawn

We get these type of speakers in all the time. The leading brands are Sony, Ion, JBL, UE Boom, Bose, Anker, and many others. The speed, lights and sound stage make these a no brainer for parties, weddings, work sites etc... Some of these like the JBL party box 310 offers a very cool light show with a very good sound stage and all the while streaming from your phone. This speaker puts out 240 watts and sounds amazing for Bluetooth. Analog speakers these days just don't have the demand they once did. I have also experienced the Sony MHC V13 and it sounds awesome. I am amazed how these speakers sound and now Marshall has begun to make small Bluetooth speakers and are pricey but looking forward to listening to these cool looking boxes that have a retro design. Another brand I am familiar with is BumpBoxx Freestyle and this thing is huge with a claimed most powerful Bluetooth speaker on the market @440 watts. It has a 12volt battery inside and has many features including a 1/4 inch jack connector, aux connector, several USB connectors. So it doubles as a guitar amp and has a built in wireless mic. This unit is a bang for buck deal and at $600 is hard to beat. If you can find one used and it all works wow even better. So to wrap this up we work with these type of speakers all day everyday. If you need a loan or looking to sell one of these, don't hesitate to give us a call.

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