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What can I pawn or sell at A&F Pawn?

Updated: Jul 6

Jewelry, Gold and other items at a Pawn Shop
Items at a Pawn Shop

What can I pawn or sell at A&F Pawn?

This is an important question for folks who do not know exactly what pawn shops will take for a collateral loan. When you are requesting a Pawn Loan/Asset Loan we will do everything we can to make sure you understand the process. Call us today.

This is a sample of Items we take for Pawn or Sale

1. Gold broken or not

2. Gold and Silver Jewelry

3. Diamonds, Diamond Engagement Rings

4. Cocktail Rings 10kt,14kt and 18kt

5. Luxury Watches such as Rolex.

6. Laptops from brands such as Dell, HP, Alienware, Acer, Asus ,Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and Intel.

7. Tablets from brands such as Acer, Apple, Asus, Google, Microsoft, Apple ,Samsung, Sony, Nvidia and Dell.

8. Guitars from Gibson, Martin, BC Rich, Fender, Epiphone, Jackson, ESP, and Yamaha

9. Saxophones from brands such as Selmer, Yamaha, Leblanc Vito Alta, Buffet Crampon, Keilwerth, Jupiter and Antigua Winds.

10. Cymbals form top rated brands such as Zildjian, Paiste, Meinl, Dream Energy and Bliss, Sabian

11. Blue tooth Speakers from brands such as Logitech, JBL, Harman Kardon, Sony, Creative, House of Marley, Beats Pill, Braven, Samsung, Marshall Kilburn, Bose Soundlink, Amazon, Bowers and Wilkins, B&O, Skull Candy ,Libratone and KEF Muo.

12. DSLR Cameras from Canon, Nikon and Pentax

13. Game systems from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo

14. Video games

15. Collectible statues from DC direct, DC collectibles, Marvel, Art FX, Lucas Films, Mcfarland Toys.

16. Fishing Reels from Okuma, Shimano, Penn, Quantum, Pflueger, Lew's, Abu Garcia, 13 Fishing Inception, and Avet.

17. Fishing Rods Shakespeare Ugly stick, Penn, St Croix, Bass Pro Shops.

18. Silver coins such as Eagles, Morgan's, Peace Dollars, Canadian Maple leaf's, Silver Proof sets,

19. Silver Bullion from the US mint, APMEX, Scottsdale, Sunshine, Silver-Towne, NorthStar, and World Wide Mints.

20. World War II trench lighters

21. Vintage World Series ticket stubs, Vintage Indy 500 ticket stubs

22. Home Theatre receivers such as Sony, Pioneer, Yamaha, Marantz, Harmon Kardon, Onkyo, Rotel, Samsung, Anthem, NAD, and Denon.

23. Vintage Star Wars toys

24. Vintage receivers like Pioneer in good working condition.

25. DJ equipment like turn tables, Mics, Large speakers.

26. Home Theatre speakers from brands such as Polk Audio, Klipsch, KEF, Pioneer, Fluance, Energy, and ELAC.

27. Vintage Boom Box from brands like Sony, JVC, Sharp, Panasonic, Daewoo, Fisher, Orion, Emerson.

28. DVD recorders from Panasonic, JVC, Pioneer, Funai, and Sony.

29. Vintage working Nintendo systems.

30. Vintage working Atari systems.

31. Tattoo Equipment.

We are the No.1 Pawn Shop for Pawn Loans/Asset Loans in Bradenton. We offer rates 50% less than our competitors and much higher payouts especially on Gold and Diamond Jewelry.

Bradenton pawn shops offer pawn loans for electronics such as laptops and DSLR cameras, as well as asset loans and layaway options.


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