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Pawn Loans on Gibson, Martin or Taylor

Pawn Loans on 1969 Martin D-35

High end guitar companies like Martin and Taylor have created some beautiful instruments that have continually held their values over time. Also Gibson guitars especially vintage banjos can sale for well over a thousand dollars. The most valuable item that has came across my desk was a Martin Ukulele dated back to the 30's. It was in very good condition and the fellow was looking for a consignment deal. I unfortunately was not able to strike a deal for this beautiful piece but in time I know more about those items and what they really sale for. Anyone of these brands will serve you well when you really need to deliver a great performance. Also certain styles will command a premium over time like the Les Paul series. One of the first Les Paul guitars owned by Les Paul sold for ninety thousand according to the history channel. When the time comes and you need a Pawn Loan or looking to sale your guitar give us a call or stop by and we will do our best to either Pawn or Buy your guitar. We offer substantial discounts and we will beat any competitor.

We are A&F Pawn the top rated Pawn Shop for Asset Loan/Pawn Loans in Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, North Port and Myakka city. Give us a call today. 941-951-2570

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