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Pawn Loans on Air Jordan's or Lebron's

Jordans Retro

When I was a kid and Jordan was rising to the top of the NBA we were fascinated by his ability to seemingly fly in the air from the free-throw line. The game of basketball became very popular within the white and Hispanic communities during his playing career. He began designing and selling sneakers for Nike and has reached world wide status as an Icon in the sports world. His vintage sneakers retain their value more than any other sports wear of any kind. I am amazed at how little it costs for a pair of these shoes to be made which is around $2.00 to be made in China and then can fetch upwards of $300 here in the states. What a markup and it has made him a billionaire. The Steve and Berry's chain sold Stephon Marbury shoes for under $10.00 and the comparison between the two showed they were very well made. The line is called Starbury and they are sold on Ebay now since Steve and Berry's have closed down for accounting irregularities. Lebron James also sales a line of shoes for an exorbitant amount of money and is very popular among teens and young adults. Both Jordan And James shoes are widely available online and in local malls. Jordan continues to outsell Lebron's line and I believe it is due to the mystique of Jordan and his abilities on the court. The media always refer to him as the greatest player of all time which translates into sales and more sales of anything he endorses. Parents should take note there are fantastic alternatives to these big name shoes and hopefully kids can stave off the pressure put on them from there friends whose parents irresponsibly decide to purchase these expensive shoes which will later end up in the trash heap. This is my opinion of course but we all know what is like to not be able to afford a certain hot item for your child star.

You can Pawn or Sale these vintage shoes here at A&F.

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