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Pawn Loans on HP's new Spectre x360

HP Spectre x360

This is one sweet laptop with all of the features you would expect with the ability to use as a tablet. It is as thin as a Mac Pro but has many more features and runs Windows. It is sleek, stylish and fast and I mean fast. The projected battery life is 12.5 hours but that will depend on usage. It reminds me of how Auto manufacturers calculate gas usage. If you are just checking email and browsing it is possible. If you are streaming videos I would expect to take a hit to battery life. HP is now using the Skylake generation of processors from Intel, which we use in our newly rebuilt server. They are faster and thinner than ever. With an I-5, DDR3 for lower power consumption and an SSD drive you can really get some great FPS. Also the four screen options give a great deal of flexibility in what you need to use the system for. HP offers a 4k Ultra HD option which I have not seen in person but can imagine the black levels and colors are superb for rendering or graphics software. The finish in the smaller version in ashe/copper or silver is like a piece of art. Now that Apple owns Beats, Hp is offering Bang and Olufsen for the sound system. For me,with beats in laptops I never noticed a really great difference anyway. I have experience with many different systems and I can tell you for the price you just can't go wrong with this one. Here at A&F you can Pawn or Sale these beautiful luxury Laptops.

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