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Pawn Loans on Rolex. Are they still relevant in the digital age?

Rolex Sea Dweller

When I think of a luxury watch my first instinct is to think about a Rolex Submariner or the famous nick named Pepsi Rolex. This brand has stood the test of time and is in favor of the Wall Street crowd. The Tech sector has a very different view of ownership of a Luxury Watch. They would rather use their phone or use a gadget like an apple Watch. The investment in a time piece like a Rolex may hold its value but does not always increase. So for millennials on the fence about making a substantial investment time will be the deciding factor. My personal view is a Luxury watch makes a statement about the individuals style and tastes. In some instances it says hey I made it, I'm a success. At the time of this writing I do not personally own a Rolex, but I always dreamed about owning one some day. Rolex may stand the test of time, it will just depend on what the younger generations idea is of a timepiece that is stoked in history, design and beautiful craftsmanship. Rolex uses unique steel that no other manufacturer uses. They have a science lab to test oils and lubricants as well as how the watch will hold up under normal wear and tear. Rolex still assembles all of their movements and tests them by hand. This aspect of watch building is not unique to Rolex but goes along way with entrenching a mindset of a watch built with the utmost quality that will last forever. Here at A&F you can Pawn or Sale a Rolex watch and we will give you the best deal when you factor in discounts on Pawned items and total payouts. Our process mandates us to take apart the watch so call ahead or just be prepared because this will take time.

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