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Pawn Loans and a quick review of LG TV's

LG as of late has been making serious progress when it comes to OLED technology. The price points are still out of reach for most Americans but prices will continue to drop as manufacturing processes improve which will drive costs lower. The OLED series offers the best picture quality of all TV's in stores at this time.

OLED55B6P is 2016's mid priced OLED TV which is highly rated on Amazon. The price point is less than $2,000 which is comparable to Samsung's SUHD models. The one factor that is giving LG a leg up is it has OLED technology which makes the black and contrast levels excellent when viewing movies. The menus and setup are similar to what LG has done in the past and still needs some uniformity. The sound is tinny but most of these really do not have great sound due to how thin they are. Overall this TV has great picture quality at an affordable price point. But if you can wait on OLED technology then I would suggest it. We offer high payouts on Pawn Loans/ Asset Loans on this model and others like it.

60UH7700 is LG's standard 1080P offering. The appearance is clean and visually appealing although the metal trim is actually plastic. The real issue with this model from LG is the black levels which are not as good as Samsung, Sony and Vizio. The smart app layout is better than the previous generation and looks easy to navigate and flows smoothly. This model is thin and can be mounted on a wall. The remote features voice command which can calibrate sounds, a very cool feature. Sound quality is good but not great and most of us will add a sound system so not a deal breaker. Local dimming on this model gets a very low rating which may have an impact while watching movies and 4K content. Best way to get a feel for LG TV's is to go see them in person. We offer high payouts on Pawn Loans/ Asset Loans on this model and others like it.

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