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Can I Pawn military equipment?

This is a question that does not come up that often since we are not close to a military base but I thought it should be addressed. Military equipment or memorabilia is very collectible and can be valuable. We will purchase or offer a Pawn Loan on these items but since it is part of the federal government and governed by federal law you the pledgor would need to prove ownership by receipt or some other documentation. We would also need to prove it is an item the government was willing to sale to an individual or entity for resale. These items like this NAIT PVS-4 U.S. Military Issue 4X Gen 2 Night Vision Tactical Weapon Scope are worth a lot in the secondary market. Also these radios used in World War II such as this one developed in 1940. The SCR-536 is often considered the first of modern hand held, self-contained, "handie talkie" two-way radios. War ship clocks are valuable and collectible even if they are not working. Challenge coins have some value along with trench lighters. Cooper bomber flight jackets in good condition are valuable and we offer asset loans on them. Some German, Japanese and Italian badges are collectible and valuable. Bayonets and daggers can be sought after and we will offer Pawn Loans on these as well. German side caps, belts and belt buckles have some value and we will deal in these type of items as long as it is legal to do so. Give us a call or use the contact page today. 941-951-2570

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