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Can I pawn the Samsung Galaxy watch 2 Active?

Galaxy watch 2 active

This watch beats Apple in two categories that really matter to most of its core audience which is men. This watch looks like a man's watch which can be important and its features are more advanced than the Apple watch. We offer Pawn Loans/Assets Loans on this model along with the previous years model.

Galaxy active watch 2 vs the Competition

This watch has a feature that makes it stand out, which is the capability to use 4g LTE which is a huge difference for many reasons. This gives you the capability to take calls without your phone. This makes the watch useful and fulfills the real purpose of a smart watch. The bezel can turn which scrolls through the features of the watch. It has Samsung Pay which now makes the watch an even more useful tool since there are thousands of places around the world who accept Samsung Pay. Apple pay cannot be used on just any POS system, it must be designed for Apple pay. Apple is proprietary on all of its devices and this can hurt a business, at times, like with Apple Pay. The active can use any 22mm band which now opens it up to a possibility of thousands of designs and materials which is another cool selling point. Another cool feature is the active will work with Apple IOS and Android. The Apple watch series 4 will only work with IOS. The active has an always on display option and the Apple watch does not have this feature. The real feature the active is lacking in is App development. The watch and the phone are not in sync like the Apple setup is. If they can focus on App development, then the active is future proof with all of the features it has. I would recommend the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Smart Watch.

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