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Can I Pawn a Trek FX 2 Road bike?

Trek Bikes

Trek has been making higher end bikes for decades and continues to make models that are affordable yet perform very well. This line of road bike hits the mark with a lightweight frame, Tektro brakes and Bontrager tires. We offer Pawn/ Asset Loans on Trek bikes along with many other top tier brands.

Comfort and Ride

The FX2 is reasonably priced and has some features other more expensive bikes do not have. It is lightweight and fast. The shifts are smooth and the frame absorbs vibration really good. Some reviewers complain about seat comfort. Most of these top tier branded bikes should really rethink their concept on bike seats. This seems to be a common theme among riders. The tires have tread on them which makes it more suitable for terrain along with the road. They are not like mountain bike tires nor like the slick tires on the Bad Boy series by Cannondale. This bike is an all around bike for commutes and fitness. They only sell these in specialty bike shops. Go and test out one today you will not regret it.

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