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A Pawn Brokers perspective on credit card deals and incentives.

The reason for this article is simple and straightforward. Why do credit card companies offer you a 0% deal or a very low introductory rate? The theory is the majority of folks who take the deal will not make the deadline and end up owing interest back to the beginning of the transaction at a much higher rate. I have used these type of deals my entire adult life and it has been a powerful tool to acquire things like flooring or furniture over time at no further cost than the purchase price. I also use cards with rewards on an expensive purchase to reap the cash bonus reward and then pay it off when the statement arrives. I do not recommend to use Introductory cards if you are not disciplined financially. It is a trap and can be very difficult to get out from under the burden of the monthly payments. So to sum this up, these offers are a tool for you to use in your arsenal of financial endeavors.

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