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Can I Pawn a Stihl Chainsaw?

Updated: Jul 6

The Stihl brand is the leader when it comes to power and reliability for chain saws. They are the most sought after in our shop. We offer Pawn/Asset loans and purchase Stihl Chainsaws along with several other brands like Husqvarna and Echo. Stihl offers several lines of chainsaws and will be discussed below.

Home Saws

This line is smaller and has less power than its larger brothers, but for a homeowner they are an excellent investment. The maintenance is easy and the saws carry the same warranty. This brand is German engineered and built here in the US. They have anti vibration technology, quick chain brake and a master control lever. The bar length is usually around 14" and I have had the pleasure of offering Pawn loans on these models.

Professional Saws

These models have the same features as the home line units but are much more powerful and chain lengths are up to twenty five inches. These saws have M-Tronic technology which is a computer chip controlling fuel and timing. This feature is either a gimmick or could be valuable, kind of reminds me of the sear station from Weber grills. Stihl claims they are the No.1 brand here in the USA with data to back it up.

I recommend Stihl Chainsaws for any job. They are made in the USA, powerful, reliable, and technologically advanced which make them an excellent investment.

Asset loans and pawn loans available for Stihl chainsaws and chain saws.

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