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Can I Pawn the Escort Max 360 Radar Detector?

Escort Max 360 Radar detector

This is the top selling radar detector on Amazon. The most important reason is to prevent you from getting a ticket. The unit has 360 degrees detection capability, built in GPS and arrows showing what direction the radar is coming from. The unit also offers the capability of alerting for red light cameras. We offer Pawn Loan/Asset Loans on these units and we buy and sale them as well.

Escort Live

This is a community where everyone is reporting location data of law enforcement. It is called real time ticket protection. Escort will charge a monthly fee for this service and collects data about the user and may sell it to a third party. The app offers speed trap alerts, camera alerts, multiple map and dashboard views. This feature can be beneficial, but for me I need to keep my eyes on the road. I only need a detector that has long range and will alert me to the coming threat. Our vehicles have all kinds of distractions as it is.


Detection arrows Dual antenna front GPS powered auto learn Digital signal processing Clear voice alert Multi Color OLED display

1 year ticket free guarantee with proof of purchase

These units are pricey but if they meet your needs and you’re ok with the data collection then this may be the unit that will keep you from getting a ticket.

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