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Can I Pawn the Uniden R1/R3/R7 Radar detectors?

These three radar detectors have some of the best performance parameters and radar blocking capabilities of any unit on the market today. The range capability is very long and the setup is fairly easy. We offer Pawn/Asset Loans on these models along with many other top tier brands like Escort, Valentine one, Beltronics and Radenso.

The R7 is the new kid on the block and rivals the Max 360C in price. But the real benefit of the R7 is it has the longest range of any window mount radar detector. Built in BSM filtering and red light camera updates are free for life of the radar. Automatic GPS lock outs will be coming in a future firmware update. The Max 360C has a ton of benefits as well and I especially like the one year ticket free guarantee but of-course you will need to jump through some hoops to get that benefit. I am a fan of both Uniden and Escort and so I would recommend either at this price point.

Specs and Performance

The range of R1/R3 is the same and based on feedback from users the overall performance is excellent. The R7 range is best in class according to Vortex radars which is a well known you-tuber. In a four way test against Valentine, Escort and Radenso when comparing threats and what model gave the earliest warnings the Uniden models beat them all. The filtering is manual so when you encounter a constant radar signal you can hit the mute button and it can save up to two hundred lock outs. The R7 and R3 have built in GPS which will help in the city and the use of filtering, The R3's price point is one hundred dollars more than the R1 but the differences is significant with GPS. On a side note my Valentine One does not have the filtering capability and gives way too many false alerts.

Value VS the competition

The R7 is expensive and I am not sure it is worth the extra money. The R3 is significantly less than the new Escort Max 360c and offers best in class performance. The only issue I would be concerned about is reliability. Uniden is not the major radar detector brand like the others mentioned so with a year warranty is the value really worth your dollars? I will upgrade my Valentine One to the R3 and I believe it is worth the investment. Just my two cents.

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