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Christmas Layaway, an easy way to get more value for your $$$.

A&F Pawn Jewelry and Loan

Christmas is right around the corner and sometimes folks find themselves unable to purchase items for that special person in their life. Here at The A&F Pawn Shop, we offer a layaway plan that is easy on the wallet and offers products at a significant discount to retail especially when it comes to jewelry. The A&F Pawn Shop offers Pawn/Asset Loans and Christmas Layaway plans.

Down Payment and Terms

You can layaway jewelry with ten percent down and a minimum of six months or longer depending on your needs to complete the sale. A payment is required every month on the same date as the layaway was initially set up. On electronics,tools and musical instruments we give you ninety days to complete the sale. The down payment and due dates are the same as jewelry.

Value Compared to Retail

Most items in Pawn shops are priced significantly less than new, many items are 50% less than what you pay at a big box retailer. So when you make a purchase and couple that with a layaway plan you have a huge advantage in relation to saving your hard earned cash. We encourage our layaway plan and believe we have a fair policy. When you plan your shopping list always keep A&F Pawn in mind, you may get a really good deal on a gift for that special someone or one of your precious family members.

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