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The Top 5 Reasons you are Frequenting the Wrong Pawn Shop!

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

In today's fast paced lifestyle we do not always have time to research and plan who we do business with. When we search for entities sometimes we just pick the first one on the list just like we use to do with the phone book. That was the reason you saw so many companies use the letter A in their name like AAA contractors, or A&F Pawn Jewelry and Loan. OK so that is kind of cheesy using our name but it is kind of true though. We never changed our name due to it starts with an A and can give you a better result when looking at a directory or the yellow pages. Now onto the reasons for this article.

1. Customer Experience

Here at A&F Pawn Jewelry and Loan we strive to give the best experience possible in your time of need of an Asset Loan or when you are looking to make a purchase. We are not perfect but I can assure you when you leave you will notice a significant difference in the way you were treated compared to our competitors.

2. Honesty and Trust

I believe this is the most important aspect of any business that offers a collateral loan, meaning you are handing over a valuable for money to pay back at a later date. Are you really sure you want to mail your Rolex or high grade diamond solitaire or leave it with a store who has a high turnover rate? Let's think about this for a moment, when mailing items the state has no jurisdiction so there is no guarantee you will get your item back or it will be the same one returned to you. Also with big chain stores with employees coming and going, one may take your item, quit and then the owner is on the hook but you never get the sentimental item back just one similar to it. At our store 99% of the time we will give you back the same item. Just think about it before you just pick one of out of the blue or they are at the top of a search or list.

3. High payouts

This one is a tricky topic due to the nature of our Asset Loan Business, but in my view focus on what you need not the most you can get for an item. Our goal is to build long term relationships not a turn and burn scenario. Also focus on the total cost of the loan not just the payout, I realize sometimes, time is of the essence, but some due diligence can save you some hard earned dollars if you just slow down and do some research.

4. Specialize in Jewelry and Electronics

We are always looking to loan on and purchase Gold and Diamond Jewelry. We also offer loans on phones albeit the latest Iphone or Galaxy S series. Mac Books are another option which we offer Asset Loans on or purchase. We pay significantly more for electronics than our competitors.

5. Reputation

A&F Pawn Jewelry and Loan has been in business since the early 90's and has an excellent reputation within Sarasota and Bradenton. We make sure you are treated with respect and fairness. Our Pawn Loan business has no real competitor in the area.


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