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Can I Pawn a Husqvarna K760 Concrete Gas Powered Saw?

These tools are powerful and efficient when used properly. They can cut concrete easily and are used in many different construction jobs. We offer Pawn/Asset Loans on this model and many other brands including Makita, Stihl, Dewalt and MK Diamond. The K760 is top rated and has some cool features to help keep you safe.


This model has a digital ignition for easy starts along with a high tech carburetor and cylinder system. The unit has an anti-vibration technology which will enable the end user a longer duration which in turn means more productivity. This unit is lightweight and the motor is powerful. The unit also offers longer maintenance intervals which also turns into a more productive investment. The unit also has a reverse feature which enables it to cut left or right. The Saw has X-Torq technology which offers more torque than the standard saw.


The unit has a ventilation system which will help keep dust levels in check. Breathing concrete dust can be toxic. The unit is designed to use with water which will help keep the blade running cooler and the saw running smoother for longer periods of time. It is less noisy due to a larger muffler.

Wrap up

Husqvarna knocked it out of the park with this model. Safety and productivity were top priorities, along with long maintenance intervals make this a great investment for any contractor.

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