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Diamond XXXX Stores claim they beat Pawn Shops on Diamond collateral based loans

Pawn Shops have been in business for 3,000 years and there will always be an entity who claims they are better and offer more etc.. The company mentioned above claims if you receive 30-50% of the wholesale value of your item they will charge you 3% per month but in reality they charge 10% per month. Why do I know this, well glad you asked, you see one of our customers went all the way to Tampa for a quote and decided to go with us. They used the old bait and switch tactic. So with all of their claims about how they pay more and charge less and they have a large network of dealers, they use a disclaimer to meet Google's personal loan practices. So do you really want to trust a company who does not have a local presence, has not been in your community for any length of time and is not straight forward about the real costs of a collateral loan. Your jewelry in most cases has sentimental value and do you really want to hand it off to a company who represents claims then does not follow through. Also companies who are based out of state and advertise Pawn Loans over the internet are not governed by the state of Florida. If you send your valuables to these folks just to save a few percentage points is it really worth it? It may get lost in transit, they may claim you never sent it and worst case they just take your payments and never send your precious item back. You have no recourse with these entities. Pawn Shops get a bad rap sometimes and I want to make sure we give you the information you need to make an informed decision prior to you sending items to another state or doing business with the Diamond XXXX mentioned above.


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