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Pawn Shops that buy Jewelry near me

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Jeweler Inspecting Gold
We buy Jewelry @A&F Pawn

If you have come across this article you must be looking to sell your jewelry. If so you have come to the right place. We purchase jewelry and also offer short term Pawn Loans with great rates and no gimmicks. When you are looking to sell keep in mind of what you have and realize we test the items thoroughly. A valid government issued ID is required in the state of Florida. The type of items we accept is yellow, white or rose gold jewelry, scrap gold, diamonds, silver bullion, silver coins, gold coins, some costume pieces that are designer stamped from the art deco era. Also we purchase and loan on gold bracelets, gold earrings, new and used jewelry. We purchase designer brands, set in gold and diamonds. We buy and loan on Platinum, American Eagles, Commemorative and Collectible coins. We also buy gold and silver bullion, gold and silver bars, gold and silver coins and gold and silver rounds. We buy and loan on gold cufflinks. We also buy dental gold which many stores do not deal in this type of gold. We are trusted, professionals who will give you an honest and fair quote on your jewelry. Give us a call if you need some assistance today.

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