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Pawn Shops Who Always Say We Pay More or the Most. It's a Gimmick!

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

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Credibility @A&F Pawn

This phrase is a gimmick at best and anyone who shops their items around will realize just what a farce this statement really is. One thought comes to mind who do they pay more than and how do they really they pay the most. So my advice is to visit as many places as you can to get an idea of what your valuables are worth. We will pay aggressively and we resell items so we are not looking to pay based on scrap price unless it is not in sellable condition. So the next time you are in the market to sell your valuables just take this WE PAY MORE statement with a grain of salt because it really means nothing. Also what you should be considering is do you trust the staff, do they have any flexibility with rates and payments? What type of payments do they take? Do they have top-notch customer service? Do they have real reviews? How long have they been in business? So these are the questions you should be asking yourself. The next time you are in need of a loan or looking to sell an item just stop in and we will explain how Pawning works and make an aggressive offer depending on the items you have.

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