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What can I pawn a Sony Alpha Mirrorless camera for?

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Sony A6300
Sony Alpha Series Cameras @A&F Pawn

We get these types of cameras rolling through the doors and Sony is the leader when it comes to digital photography. Sony has gone to mirrorless only and has forced its competitors to step up their products. The Sony digital lenses and mirrorless cameras hold their value and are ideal for a store like ours. These cameras offer the best picture quality of just about any camera on the market. They also shoot 4k video which could be beneficial depending on the gig. They have their shortfalls as well like no stabilization built in, inconsistent photo quality in poor lighting. They are enthusiast oriented and not cheap. Sony always comes to mind when I think about camera equipment but you pay for that quality. We purchase and loan on these and Sony Lenses.

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