What can I pawn an iPhone 12 for?

Updated: Mar 11

Well, these types of phones come in many different styles depending on your need for speed. The flagship Pro Max is one of the most expensive phones on the market and will meet your expectations. The other two are the pro and the mini. The biggest difference is in the camera and screen size. The mini only gets a dual wide camera and does not get telephoto capabilities. The other two get the most advanced camera Apple has to date plus a telephoto lens. They all have an XDR screen and there is some subtle difference in battery performance. In my view, these phones are expensive and will drop in value very quickly so if you do not need a fancy screen and telephoto lens just keep what you have. Now for those folks looking to sell or need a loan, we base it on what it will sell for parts due to so many of these phones have an activation issue. So if you need some help just call, text, or email us. Photo credits: Denis Cherkashin

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