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What can I pawn my Oled Lg C1 or G1 for?

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

OLED TV's @A&F Pawn
OLED TV's @A&F Pawn

These OLED TVs command top dollar for the best picture and features. They have the deepest black levels on any modern TV I have had the pleasure of viewing. It actually just turns the pixels off to achieve these levels. The sound is much better now but still, you would be better off with a soundbar or HT system. These TVs will be more common and much cheaper since it is a new format. The technology has been around a long time, it was just cost-prohibitive. Lg and Sony are the leaders and will produce some stunning models as the production costs drop. We will loan on these types of TVs and will do so aggressively but also realize a new model is right around the corner. If you need some help and have one of these LG C1 or G1's give us a call.

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