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Pawn Loans on Surface Pro 4

This is Microsoft's fourth entry into a very crowded field, but it is a formidable competitor. The slick design and the addition of Windows 10 really make for a desktop alternative. The snap on keyboard and the kickstand have made Apple and Google make similar designs into their latest offerings. The keyboard is sold separately which is a gripe of mine due to the initial cost and then have to spend another $129.00 on the keyboard. Hello Microsoft the keyboard should be included at this price point. Also they have added Intel's latest Sky Lake processors such as the core I5 which was missing from the previous versions which will enable the power user all day functionality. The new screen size is a little bigger which makes the user experience more enticing when watching videos or even reading text. The optional I-7 configuration will make the price exceed $2,000 which now gets you into Mac Book Pro territory. The tablet has an SSD 256 GB storage capacity which will make data crunching even smoother and boot times very fast. I personally would prefer these hybrid type tablet/laptops due to it runs a full version of Microsoft's latest operating system and can run office in all of its glory. The other option is the new Surface Book which I look forward to reviewing in the near future. Keep in mind here at A&F you can Pawn or Sale these tablets with high payouts and discounts on Pawns. I will beat any competitor on a Pawn on this line of Surface Pro's.

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