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Pawnbrokers perspective on keeping your valuables safe

keeping valuables safe

As a business owner and licensed Pawnbroker I always think about how we can keep our valuables safe. There are many gadgets on the market such as Canary or Nest Cam which can monitor your home for fire,burglary, keeping an eye on your pet etc... The most important piece is your safe. I would recommend a beginners jewelry grade safe like this one made by Mesa and is heavy and has good reviews. I have researched many home safe companies and this one gets high marks for being strong and secure. The brands carried at Department and Home Builder stores are more for fires and not theft. It has a U.L. Listed Group 2 Combination Lock. The setup is to bolt the safe to the floor using screws that are made for concrete. The safe ways 140 lbs so it will not be easy to pull up and walk away with. It has a two hour fire rating,tested in temperatures up to 1830°F. These are the first steps for a more secure home. The next step is to consider an alarm company. There are so many options and price points that would make an entire article on its own. Next steps are to take pictures of all valuables along with serial numbers on any high end items like TV's or Laptops. Get a cloud account like drop box and store the pictures there. Also think about how secure your bolt locks are and who they are made by. If you follow these steps, keep a lookout for anything suspicious and network with your neighbors. One other thought when you have contractors and sub contractor's working in and around your home put all valuables in the safe. If they ask to use the restroom let them know it is against your homeowners policy just as a tactic. Your chances of keeping those items that are irreplaceable just got a whole lot better.

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