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Can I Pawn the New Nintendo Switch Console?

The Switch is Nintendo's latest console and successor to the Wii U which did not sell well here in the US. The Switch is a portable console with good battery life. The units initial sales have been strong and it may be a contender for longevity. The Switch has some tech features that will make it appealing among adults and children of all ages. We offer Pawn Loan/Asset Loans on this console along with the new NES classic console.

Let's get to it, the Switch is a marvel in new tech

The Switch is ultra portable and can act as a console when attached to the dock. It has the same idea as the Wii U but utilizes a better approach. The switch is like a tablet on steroids, it is 15.2 mm thick and has 720p resolution which is a vast improvement over the Wii U specs. The unit has the usual volume, headphone jack and power button on top of the unit. One cool new feature from Nintendo is including a USB-C charging port and getting rid of proprietary cables.

Portable or a Console

The Switch is portable as mentioned above. The cool factor is that you can resume a game from when it was docked, so meaning you can get on the Subway and continue your morning Breath of the Wild quest. Local multi-player works well but with limited game titles it may get boring quickly for gamers. The OS is fast and can resume from sleep mode very quickly. It also has an option for screen capture so you can share your victory or loss on Facebook and Twitter.


The unit has several major issues that may prevent it from becoming the winner Nintendo intended. I will mention a few here, the Joy Con desync issue which has plagued the system since launch. This causes game play issues when docked. The game library is anemic with very few titles at launch. The screen size is small, no wireless audio and the kickstand can be problematic due to it is flimsy, like on most China based phone cases.

Overall the switch is a promising platform that is different than your core gaming consoles like the PS4 slim and the Xbox One. Nintendo will need to focus solving these tech issues and push firmware updates. It is just plain cool to have console like play capability that is portable.

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