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A Pawn Brokers Perspective on Handheld Gaming after 41 years.

Invention of the Handheld system

Forty one years ago the first handheld game system was created by Mattel Inc. This system was called the Mattel Auto Race, it featured a single game pre-programmed into the device. Soon after, now thirty eight years ago; Milton Bradley® created the first handheld gaming system to require separate interchangeable cartridges programmed as independant video games. This system was known as the Microvision. This sparked an evolution in the gaming industry. The compact design and entertainment that a handheld gaming system could provide a person with was seen as something truly from the future. Many companies took note of the success and followed the idea. Before we knew it handheld gaming became a normality in the industry. Ten years after the launch of the Microvision came the Nintendo Gameboy, SEGA Game Gear,Watara Supervision, TurboExpress, and Atari Lynx. All systems were competing to be the "top dog" in the handheld gaming industry. The Gameboy and Lynx were the two most sought after systems at the time. Although the Atari Lynx was a far more advanced system featuring a fully backlit and colored display screen and a 4096 color palette with integrated math and graphics co-processing. The Gameboy was the most successful handheld gaming system of all time.

Handhelds present day

In today's times we have three major video game console manufacturers, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony. Only two of the three manufacturers produce both Home and Handheld game systems. As technology has became so advanced there is truly no technical advantage between the systems and the direction of purchase truly comes down to user preference. Some notably popular handheld game systems of today are the Sony PSP, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch (works as both a home console and handheld) , Sony PSP GO, Sony PSP VITA, and Nintendo 3DS XL.

In conclusion, if you are looking for one of these systems listed or have one of the systems and wish to sell them please stop by to see if we're interested. Some of these items still hold value and have a market. We are a very flexible, friendly, family owned Pawn Shop in Sarasota, FL. We are under 5 miles from the Police Department and a safe location full of professionals. If you have never Pawned or sold an item before do not worry, we are looking forward to seeing you.


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