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Can I Pawn a Traxxas X0-1 AWD Super RC Car?

This car is an amazing piece of engineering and design for both the enthusiast and the average Joe who likes RC cars. This car can hit speeds of 100 MPH out of the box. This is by far the fastest RC car on the market. We here at A&F Pawn Jewelry and Loan offer Pawn/Asset Loans on Traxxas RC cars and many other top tier brands like HPI, Redcat,Losi and Axial.

Performance and Handling

This car out out of the box is ready for 100 MPH just with a simple gear change. The tires are T rated and can handle speeds of up to 118 MPH . The motor gets its power from two lipo 3S batteries which translates into a fast powertrain that can withstand those blazing speed bursts. The body has been computer optimized so downforce can keep the car from flipping over.


The app gives you many options to adjust drive effects and has a garage interface to check the health of the car. It is a very real experience but with a cost. The Car has TSM built into it for stability control and can adapt to various terrains. Overall a very cool RC Car powered by one of the best in the business.

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