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Is a Round Brilliant Diamond a Good Investment?

Diamaonds just like Gold have intrinsic value and the larger higher quality stones are more rare which translate into more value hence the traditional 4 C's. The Diamond market has increased in value due to inflation. A fancy type Diamond like a yellow, red or blue round brilliant cut are more rare and can increase in value over time. Round Brilliant cut Diamonds are the most sought after by dealers which can help brokers when considering Pawn Loans as well. One other thought would you rather have a lab grown diamond AKA moissanite or a real gem made over millions of years? A real Diamond has intrinsic value and will increase over time. Also your dealer may be willing to buy it back from you if you are planning to upgrade. Dealers have no interest in moissanite due to they are not rare and can be easily obtained at a low price. So yes a real Diamond can be worth buying but for the reason it was intended for like an engagement or even a gift for yourself. Here at A&F Pawn Jewelry and Loan we have many Diamond rings to choose from. Give us a call Today!

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