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"Unlocking the Hidden Value: The Art of Appraising Jewelry"

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

"Unlocking the Hidden Value: The Art of Appraising Jewelry"


In the world of pawnshops, one of the most crucial aspects is the

A Jeweler appraising Jewelry
Jeweler appraising Jewelry

art of appraising various items. Among these, jewelry holds a special place due to its intricate craftsmanship, historical significance, and potential hidden value. At A&F Pawn, we're excited to delve into the fascinating world of jewelry appraisal and share insights on how to unlock the true worth of your precious pieces.

Results Matter

1. The Importance of Jewelry Appraisal:

  • We appraise jewelry as if we are going to purchase the piece so this is not an insurance appraisal.

  • What we do is make sure each piece is authentic and then assess what the piece will sell for. For gold pieces we base our buy price from what the market spot price is for that day. We break it down based on what karat each piece is like 10k, 14k or 18k, and this will impact your payout.

2. Factors Influencing Jewelry Value:

  • When evaluating jewelry, such as gemstones, metal purity, craftsmanship, and historical context all play a role in evaluating pieces of jewelry.

  • If you have two diamonds of the same cut and size but one is much closer to flawless lets say a VVS2 with a better color and clarity it would bring significantly more at auction.

3. Unveiling Hidden Treasures:

  • Art Deco pieces can have significant value if they are a signed piece and are in good wearable condition.

  • One Pawn Loan on a ring was a solid 14kt Merchant Mariner that one of our customers husbands earned. He passed away and she wanted to sell it. These rings sell for far more than melt so it was a surprise how much the pay out was.

4. Expert Appraisers at A&F Pawn:

  • The owners of A&F Pawn can and will be happy to help you with your appraisal needs.

  • We use tools and tech to help us evaluate what you have, just realize this is not an insurance appraisal, this is a buy sell appraisal and will be a substantial difference in what a payout would look like.

5. Tips for Jewelry Sellers:

  • The main item a Pawn Broker would want to see is a GIA cert for a diamond or box and papers with a Rolex. These give some credibility to your items authenticity and value.

  • The benefit of selling to a locally owned business like ours is we treat you like family and will give the most we possibly can for your valuables.

6. Educational Resources for Customers:

  • We are available weekdays to discuss and evaluate your jewelry pieces so do not hesitate to give us a call.


Jewelry holds not only monetary value but also sentimental significance for many. Unveiling the hidden stories behind each piece and appraising them accurately is a skill that requires expertise and experience. At A&F Pawn, we're committed to providing our customers with insightful appraisals that help them make informed decisions about their precious jewelry items.

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