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Can I Pawn a Cannondale Bad Boy Hybrid style bike?

The Cannondale brand is known for making bikes that are geared for performance and longevity. The Bad Boy line has been around for twenty five years now and has now evolved into a hybrid high performance bicycle. When I first saw this bike in person I thought the frame was made of Carbon but it is Alloy. Also the latest 2016 and up is using a Head-Shock absorbing system. It is not the typical two fork system most hybrid bikes are manufactured with. We offer Pawn Loan/Asset Loans on this model and many others from Top tier bike manufacturers.

Style and Comfort

This model is sleek and made for commuting. It is not a cheap bike and may not fit all budgets. The body style says performance and makes it feel like you can go a long distance. The shock absorbing system is stiff and made for the road. The seat is comfortable and helps with longer commutes. The frame is designed to absorb bumps before it gets it to the rider which can make for a smooth ride in the city or on a back road.

Gears and Tech

The bike is designed with a Shimano gear hub which is one of the best in the industry. It changes gears so smoothly you do not here the switching as it occurs. The frame has weld points for strength which aid in ride quality. The brakes are disc brakes made by Madura and they will stop on a dime. The tires are super slicks and are made for roads, not grass or mud. Overall the components make this bike well worth the investment.

We were recently introduced to this line of bikes from Cannondale and absolutely impressed by its stance and design aesthetics. I would highly recommend any of the 2016 and up Bad Boy models.


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